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Americans Remain Ready To Buy

Based on recent housing market headlines, you might assume Americans have put their home buying plans on hold. After all, the past few years have been volatile, with prices and demand skyrocketing before mortgage rates increased and slowed everything down. But while market numbers and trend graphs may have some Americans feeling hesitant, the majority of us remain sold on homeownership. In fact, in one recent survey, nearly 70 percent of respondents said they plan to buy a house or condo sometime in the next few years. And not only do they still plan to buy, they don't mind if it costs them a little bit more. Forty-nine percent of participants said they'd be willing to pay over asking price for a house, if they'd previously had an offer rejected. Similarly, 45 percent said they'd pay more as long as the house checked off more than 75 percent of their wish list. In other words, Americans remain ready to buy.


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