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The Thing Recent Home Sellers Regret Most

It's natural to look back on decisions you've made and wonder what might've been had you made different choices. So it's not surprising that an overwhelming majority of recent home sellers say they wish they'd done something differently when they sold their home. It's a major undertaking and a significant financial transaction, after all. But what is the top thing home sellers say they regret? Well, if you guessed it has to do with pricing their home, you're correct. The most common answer in a survey of sellers who sold in the past two years was that they wish they had set their home price higher. In fact, 39 percent of participants named pricing their home too low as their top regret. But while home sellers during the frenzied market of the past two years may believe they could've gotten more for their house, today's sellers may have the opposite experience. That's because, in today's market, setting your home's price too high may mean it struggles to sell, as there are fewer active buyers than there were in 2021 and early 2022.


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