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What We Want From Our Homes Now

Home design trends, by their nature, come and go. There's always a hot new color or a must-have fashion. And just as quickly as they appear, they're erased and replaced with the next hot new thing. But when you ask home buyers and homeowners what they want from their homes – beyond the aesthetics – their answers are remarkably consistent. In short, everyone wants their home to be comfortable, efficient, clean, and healthy. That doesn't change. Home buyers and owners want things like smart thermostats, energy-star appliances, balanced ventilation, leak-detection systems, and other high-performance features that can help lower bills and improve the indoor environment. These have been popular features for years now and have only grown more popular since the onset of the coronavirus. This is no surprise. More time in the house has helped us focus on bettering our homes. And, more than likely, our desire for comfort and wellness at home will continue to live on well after the pandemic has subsided. (source)


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