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Does Today's Market Favor Buyers Or Sellers?

Sometimes you have no choice but to move. Maybe you need to relocate for a better job or have to get a bigger space to accommodate a growing family. Whatever the circumstances, life may force you to find a new place to live. In those cases, you don't have the luxury to consider market conditions or whether now is the best time financially to make a move. But, if you have a move in mind and you're not on a specific timeline, you may be wondering whether now's the best time and if today's market is better for buyers or sellers. Well, according to one recent analysis, the answer may be neither. The data shows that – according to key housing market metrics like sales, inventory, and time on market – the U.S. housing market entered neutral territory in October for the first time in two years, with the 100 largest markets split pretty evenly. In fact, 51 markets favored sellers, 39 were neutral, and 10 were buyer's markets.

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