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How Stable Is Today's Housing Market?

There are a lot of ways to measure the health of the housing market. You can find stats and trends detailing everything from home sales to housing starts. Ultimately, though, potential buyers just want to know that the home they purchase won't hurt them financially or leave them stuck with a house they can't afford to leave. That's why this year's housing market has caused some anxiety. The market has slowed after a period of rising home values and elevated demand. The change has caused hesitation among Americans who may have been thinking of buying or selling a home soon. But according to one recent study, the market remains stable. In fact, the study found just 3.4 percent of homeowners who purchased a home in the past two years would be underwater on their mortgage if home values fell 4 percent in 2023. That's significant because recent buyers haven't had much of an opportunity to build equity, unlike homeowners who purchased their home many years ago.

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