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Is A Buyers' Market Just Around The Corner?

The past few years have favored home sellers. Fewer homes available for sale pushed competition between buyers and drove home prices higher. It was clearly a sellers' market. It still is. In fact, according to one recent analysis, the majority of markets continue to favor sellers, with 51 of the country's largest 100 housing markets remaining sellers' markets. Among them, smaller metros were more likely to favor sellers than areas with populations more than 1 million people. But with affordability conditions in flux and buyer demand slowing nationwide, is a change on the way? Possibly. In just the past few months, the number of sellers' markets has fallen from 83 in August to 51 today. It's expected to fall further in 2023. By next September, of the same 100 markets, 27 are expected to favor buyers, 30 will be neutral, and 43 will be sellers' markets. In other words, home buyers may soon find themselves in better position than they've been in years.


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