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Rising Foot Traffic A Good Sign For Spring

Foot traffic is a great way to measure how active home buyers are in the market. You can tell a lot about where buyers are looking to live, and the homes they're most interested in, by looking at how many home showings are being scheduled. The National Association of Realtors tracks home showings each month in an effort to gauge buyer demand and market activity. According to the most recently released numbers, foot traffic was up at the end of last year. In fact, showings were 5 percent higher year-over-year in December. The numbers show the greatest gains were in the South, where home showings rose 12 percent from year-before levels. The Midwest followed with an 8 percent gain. The increased activity is an encouraging sign, as buyer demand typically slows in the winter – and especially during the holidays. It's also an indication that Americans are eager to shop for homes, which bodes well for the upcoming spring season when buying activity typically heats up.


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