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Spring Is Here And It's The Right Time To Sell

Spring has arrived and so has home selling season, which means now's the time to start getting your house ready if you're hoping to get it on the market at the hottest time of the year. According to a new analysis from the National Association of Realtors' consumer website, mid-April is the time of year when sellers see the most buyers and the fastest sales. The same analysis found most homeowners need at least a month to get their house ready to show. That makes now the perfect time to get started. Danielle Hale, the website's chief economist, says sellers should start preparing. “Spring is generally the high season for home sales, and buyers tend to be more plentiful earlier in the year,” Hale said. “Because listing a home is a process, sellers should start preparing now so they can list their home at a time when conditions are likely to be most favorable, giving them the best chance of selling their home quickly and at a competitive price.”


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