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Spring Offers Best Months To Sell A Home

If you have a home to sell and have been wondering about the best time to list it, ATTOM Data Solutions has your answer. Each year, they release an analysis of the best days of the year to sell a home. They compare home valuations with 11 years of sales data to determine the days when sellers got the best price for their house. According to this year's analysis, there's no better time than right now. In fact, the month of May ranks as the best month to sell a home, with a seller premium of 12.6 percent. The top five days of the year were all in May, with the 23rd topping the list as the single best day of the year to sell a house. Rick Sharga, ATTOM's executive vice president of market intelligence, says the next couple of months offer sellers their best opportunity. “April showers may bring May flowers, but May brings home sellers the best opportunities to watch their profits grow,” Sharga said. “Homeowners looking to maximize the price premium they can claim on their homes should sell their properties in May, June, and July when buying activity is at its peak.”

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