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The Features Home Buyers Want Most

For the most part, homes are all the same. They all have a kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and a main living area. Those are givens. Aside from the number and size, those rooms aren't what get buyers excited, though. For home buyers, the things that really set a listing apart are the details, bonus rooms, and style of a house. A home's features and aesthetic can make it sell faster and at a higher price than other homes, even in the same area. But what are the features that today's home buyer desires most? Well, according to one recent analysis, there are several. Among the top features that buyers will pay more for, a steam oven tops the list, followed by modern farmhouse or nautical style, new appliances, shiplap, and a strong internet connection/access to broadband. A metal roof, heated floor, and a dog house also make the top 10 features that have homes selling at a premium. The top feature that will sell a home faster is seismic retrofitting – which makes a home more resistant to earthquakes. Other desired features that lead to quick sales are an EV charging station, drought-resistant landscaping, midcentury style, and a home office.

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