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The Most Popular Photos In Home Listings

These days, most buyers start their home search online. In fact, according to one analysis, 97 percent of recent home buyers used the internet while shopping for a house. That means almost everyone searching for a house is looking at photos of listings before heading out to see available homes in person. That makes photography an important part of the home buying process. Good photos will help sellers attract buyers, while also helping buyers narrow their search down to the homes that best fit their needs. So what are the most popular photos in real estate listings? To find out, a new study looked at more than 14,000 photos of a randomly selected 600 properties for sale in early June. The study found bedroom photos were the most popular in listings. More than one in 10 listing photos were of bedrooms. Kitchens were a close second, with the living room, bathroom, and front exterior rounding out the top five. Walk-in closets and stairs were the least popular images found in listings, followed by pools and front doors. Of course, whichever rooms are featured, the better the photography, the better the chances they'll catch a buyer's eye.


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