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What Are The Country's Most Affordable States?

At some point, we've all fantasized about moving somewhere far from home. Whether it was after a particularly good vacation or a bout of bad weather, it isn't uncommon to think about what it might be like to live in a different place. Truthfully, though, a lot of those fantasies involve moving some place more expensive than where we currently live. So, if you're dreaming of moving away but would like some more affordable options, you may be interested in a recent analysis of the country's most affordable states. The analysis based affordability on a number of factors, including median home prices, housing costs, grocery costs, utilities, inflation, and state income taxes. What it found was there are affordable places to live in all regions of the country. In fact, the top ten included North and South Dakota, Tennessee, Alaska, Texas, Florida, Washington, Nevada, and Wyoming. The most affordable state, though, was New Hampshire. That covers every area from the Northwest to the South and should provide some more realistic options next time you're dreaming of getting away.


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