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What Buyers Should Look For In A Neighborhood

When you choose a home to buy, you're also choosing a neighborhood. The area surrounding the house you buy will play a big part in how much you like living there. After all, you aren't going to be spending all of your time indoors. That's why it's important as a home buyer to take note of the area's amenities and how close you are to the things you'll want and need. How important? Well, one recent survey found that 80 percent of Americans said they love their home and, among them, 77 percent said it was because of the location, neighborhood, or neighbors. In fact, their neighborhood came in second only to the memories they've made in their house. So how can you make sure you choose a neighborhood you'll love? You can start by checking for amenities like parks, trails, shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and walkability. Also, consider how far away you'll be from work, family, and friends. Everybody wants a great kitchen and plenty of storage space, but a perfect interior may not be enough if it's far from the things you love.


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