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What Recent Home Buyers Say They Regret Most

Buyer's remorse is common, especially after making a large purchase. So it's not unusual for recent home buyers to have some regrets. It's normal. In fact, a survey of new homeowners found the vast majority said there were things about the home-buying experience that left them feeling dissatisfied. But what were those things? Well, fortunately, the share of respondents who said they feel they bought the wrong house altogether was low. Far more participants said they regret buying too quickly, spending too much, or making an offer under pressure. In a competitive market, that's no surprise. The home's location and neighbors also made the list – both named by just over 20 percent of buyers. The number one complaint among recent home buyers, though, was that the home they purchased requires too much maintenance. Thirty-three percent of surveyed buyers listed maintaining their home as the top complaint, with 26 percent responding that they regret buying a fixer-upper.

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