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Affordability Concerns May Lead To Sales Boom

Unless you're a real estate investor, you probably aren't making home buying decisions based on market conditions. Most of us decide to buy a house based on what's happening in our lives. A growing family, a new job, or a desire to move closer to family and friends is more likely to motivate your decision to buy than mortgage rate fluctuations or price increases. However, if you're thinking about moving sometime soon, conditions can definitely influence how soon. Which is why expectations that mortgage rates will rise this year are raising expectations that home sales may spike this spring. Simply put, home buyers who might have waited till later in the year may bump up their home purchase plans to lock in low rates before they move any higher. But whether or not affordability concerns lead to a sales surge will depend a lot upon spring inventory. Because, while buyers want to get the best deal, they also want to get the best house. And if inventory doesn't pick up, waiting for better options might outweigh the desire to buy before a potential mortgage rate increase.

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