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Americans Still Looking For Perfect Home

Home buyers have money on their mind. They're concerned about rising costs, inflation, and the price of homes. But, according to one recent survey, despite those concerns, they're still committed to finding the perfect house. In fact, 81 percent of respondents said they think finding the perfect “forever” home was the most important factor when buying a home. Participants said the market's current challenges haven't stopped them from looking for it, even if it means needing financial help, changing expectations, or extending their timeline. In other words, today's home buyers recognize the market has changed and are willing to change right along with it. Participants said they're even open to moving to another state, with younger buyers especially interested in relocating somewhere they can get the most bang for their buck. Nearly half of millennial respondents said they'd move to another state for better pay and a more affordable cost of living. Similarly, 41 percent of both Gen X and Gen Z respondents said they'd be willing to relocate.


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