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Are You Willing To Take On A Project?

Unless you're buying a newly built house, you're going to be shopping for home that is likely decades old. That can mean charm and character. It can also mean renovations and home improvement projects. As a home buyer, how much you're willing to take on will depend on things like your budget and DIY skills but also, according to one new survey, how much inconvenience you're willing to endure. The survey found most homeowners believe home improvement and renovation projects always take longer than originally estimated. In fact, among respondents, 55 percent of men and 49 percent of women feel having work done on the house, even if you're hiring it out, means committing to an indefinite schedule of contractors, dust, and chaos. Fortunately, despite some negative expectations, the vast majority of Americans have confidence in their ability to oversee a home renovation, with 74 percent of participants saying they'd be comfortable taking one on. It's something to consider. After all, how comfortable and willing you are to manage a project may become a big factor when deciding on which house to buy.

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