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Homeownership Ranks High On Good Life List

There isn't one definition of “the good life.” It's a little bit different for everyone. But while we each have our own individual dreams, goals, and aspirations, there are some things we all agree are included in the good life. Health and financial security, for example. In a recent survey from Fannie Mae, both were named important or somewhat important by nearly 100 percent of respondents. It makes sense. After all, you can't enjoy much without your health and enough money to take care of yourself. Living somewhere you love also made the list, with 94 percent saying it was an important part of the good life. But what about homeownership? Well, Fannie Mae took the same survey in 2020, when rates were historically low and the home buying frenzy was in full swing. Back then, 87 percent of participants said owning a home was key to living the good life. What about now, though? Has anything changed after the price and rate increases of the past two years? Surprisingly, no. The new survey found the exact same share of participants put homeownership on the list. That's more than twice as many as those that said fancy cars, jewelry, and clothes were most important.


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