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Homes Listed On Thursdays Sell For More

Every homeowner who's selling their home wants it to attract buyers and sell for the highest possible price. That's why they remove the clutter, fix any maintenance issues, plants some flowers and make sure their home looks its best before listing it. Makes sense. A good home won't garner the same amount of interest if it's presented poorly. But there are other considerations when selling a house. For example, the time of year matters. Homes sold in the winter may not sell as quickly, and for as much, as they would in the spring or summer. According to a recent analysis, even the day of the week makes a difference. In fact, the analysis found homes listed on a Thursday can sell for $1,100 more than if they were listed on a different day. Why? Well, busy buyers often don't have time to go see available listings during the week. So, a home listed closer to the weekend, gives buyers time to arrange their schedule and plan a time to go out and see it.


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