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How Much Money Do Buyers Need To Earn?

Buying a home has gotten more expensive over the past few years. Home prices have climbed and mortgage rates are elevated from the record lows seen during the pandemic. In short, buyers need more money than was necessary just a few years ago. But, according to one new analysis, how much you need to earn in order to comfortably afford a home is largely dependent on where in the country you're looking to buy. In fact, the necessary household income varies widely. For example, in cities like Pittsburgh, Memphis, and Cleveland, buying remains fairly affordable. Pittsburgh is the most affordable city. In Pittsburgh, a household income of just over $58,000 is needed to afford a home. On the coasts, though, affordability is more challenging. In New York, an income of over $200,000 is needed, while San Jose tops the list at $454,296. Nationally, the income required to comfortably afford the typical home is $106,000. The country's typical household income is $81,000.


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