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Location Tops List Of Buyers' Criteria

It's not surprising that home buyers would rank location as their top consideration when shopping for a home. After all, if your family, friends, and job are all in Dallas, finding the perfect house in San Diego doesn't do you much good. In other words, few of us can say we don't care at all where we live. So the fact that 88 percent of recently surveyed prospective home buyers said location was their most important criteria is no shocker. But what are some of the other factors that buyers listed as top priorities? Well, square footage was next on the list, with 73 percent saying they needed a house of a specific size. Similarly, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms also garnered a majority of respondents. Along with size and location, price was a popular choice. The list price of a house was named by 68 percent of home shoppers. Some of the remaining items participants cited included the style of the home, the size of the property, and utilities. Of course, any one of these factors could sway a buyer. They're all fundamentally important. The real question for home buyers is where and how much you're willing to compromise on any of them.


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