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Millennials Say They're Comfortable Buying Online

Traditionally, before you make an offer on a house, you go see it in person. After all, buying a home is a major financial transaction. You wouldn't want to make that kind of commitment without seeing exactly what you were purchasing. But these days, there are other ways to see a property and home buyers are becoming increasingly comfortable with them. In fact, digital and online tools have become more widely accepted among buyers since the coronavirus pandemic began – especially, younger ones. For example, according to a newly released survey, 59 percent of millennial buyers now say they would be, at least, somewhat confident making an offer on a home they only toured virtually. Additionally, 39 percent said they'd be comfortable buying a home entirely online. That's a significant percentage of buyers. But while substantial, it still leaves a majority of home buyers who wouldn't be comfortable making an offer sight unseen. Which means, most buyers probably prefer a mix of virtual and traditional access to the homes they're interested in seeing. It also means digital tools, like 3D-virtual tours, digital-floor plans, and self-tour technology, are likely here to stay. (source)


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