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Now Is The Housing Market's Busiest Time Of Year

Whether you're a homeowner with a home to sell or a buyer hoping to find a home to buy, spring is a good time to do it. It's the housing market's busiest season and it's just getting underway. Mark Fleming, chief economist at First American Data & Analytics, says a large share of the year's home sales will happen over the next few months. “The spring season is typically the busiest time of the year for the housing market,” Fleming says. “According to data from First American Data & Analytics, historically approximately 36 percent of existing-home sales for the year occur from March through June.” But why is spring the season when Americans traditionally look to make a move? Well, Fleming says the reasons range from better weather to the approaching end of the school year. Whatever the reason, though, it's the time of year buyers get active and sellers aim to make a deal.


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