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Recent Buyers Say Maintenance Is Main Issue

When you own a home you're responsible for everything from the front lawn to the furnace. It's your job to keep things maintained and running smoothly. In other words, it takes some work – or, at least, a list of trusted contractors. But while home maintenance is big part of homeownership, it's a part that home buyers often overlook. In fact, according to one new survey, buying a home that requires too much maintenance is the most common regret of recent home buyers. Twenty-eight percent of survey respondents named it their top regret. That's more than those that say they paid too high a price or locked in a higher mortgage rate than they'd like. But while recent buyers feel they took on too much work, future buyers are still prioritizing looks over function, with 33 percent of survey participants saying they want a house with an updated kitchen and bathrooms. That's almost 10 percent more than those that say they're looking for one with a strong foundation.


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