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Survey Finds Support For Building More Homes

A new survey from the National Association of Home Builders found that a majority of respondents know what the housing market's main issue is and what they'd like done about it. Seventy-seven percent of survey participants said there's an affordability crisis where they live and 80 percent say they think their local government isn't doing enough to encourage more building. In other words, Americans know there are too few housing options available and building more affordable homes is the best way to address the affordability crunch. Carl Harris, NAHB's chairman, says people want better housing policy. “With a nationwide shortage of 1.5 million housing units, the American people are demanding that their elected officials put in place policies that will enable builders to increase the production of sorely needed housing,” Harris said. Among the policies respondents support, providing incentives to builders, easing zoning regulations, and creating more medium-density housing all ranked high.


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