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What Are Home Buyers' Biggest Misconceptions?

Home buyers are more likely to be focused on their budget, the latest listings, and the details of their upcoming move than they are the ups-and-downs of the housing market. Because of this, prospective buyers sometimes have misconceptions about what's happening in the market and what's likely to happen in the weeks and months ahead. So what are the biggest misconceptions today's buyers have about the market? Well, according to one recent survey of real-estate agents, many of today's aspiring buyers mistakenly believe home prices are about to suffer a significant decline. In a slowing market, it's a legitimate concern. However, it's unlikely since there continues to be a lack of available homes for sale and that lack of supply will still be putting upward pressure on home prices for the foreseeable future. The other common misconception, according to surveyed agents, is that it's better to wait for mortgage rates to fall before buying. Right now, though, buyers have more options and more negotiating power. If rates were to fall, other sidelined buyers would return, resulting in a market with more competition, quicker sales, and more bidding wars.


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