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Where Will You Get The Money To Buy A Home?

Buying a house requires a plan. It's not something you do on a whim. A big part of that plan is figuring out your financing. The details of how much you'll need and where you'll get it are among the first you'll need to nail down. So what strategies are today's home buyers using to finance their home purchase? Well, according to one recent survey, loans top the list. That's no surprise. The vast majority of us will require a mortgage to buy a house. Loans from financial institutions were named by 68 percent of survey respondents. Americans are also leaning on support from friends and family. Twenty-three percent of participants said they expect to use a financial gift from someone close to them to help cover upfront costs and a down payment. Outside of loans and gifts, the other most popular answer was savings, with 46 percent of survey respondents saying they plan to use money they've saved. Whichever strategy you use, be sure to figure it out before you fall in love with any listings. Not having your financing lined up in advance is a great way to lose the home of your dreams to a better prepared buyer.


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